MDT GRND - Pod Bipod - ARCA/RRS Dovetail

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The MDT GRND-POD is a bipod for situational shooting where sharp angles are present, this precision rifle bipod is designed to be highly flexible and adjustable. The legs on the GRN-POD have a wide range of length going from a compact 4.5-inches to a robust length of 9-inches, there is a throw lever for an adjustable cant of 40 degrees, which is perfect for an uneven surface, and the bipod can be deployed quickly. MDT knows that no shooter wants to break their connection from the rifle to make their bipod more adaptable, so the GRN-POD is designed to be adjustable using only one hand. MDT GRND-POD bipod attaches compactly to ARCA/ RRS Dovetail mounts and is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, with a 6061-T6 aluminum core, so your rifle won’t be front heavy. 

  • ARCA/RRS Dovetail Mounting System
  • 4.5” - 9” Adjustable Height
  • 32 Degree Adjustable Cant
  • 7.9” - 10.9” Wide Footprint
  • One Handed Operation